A Realist Manifesto

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I am often wrong about the true causes of my own behavior. Watch me now- “evolved, determined, authentic, and resonant”, “signaling, saturated in privilege.” This is my manifesto. It is dynamic and uncertain. Updated often, like my opinions.


Evidence: Determinism, dependent origination, cause and effect, and chaos theory: time is a dimension. 1) Nothing exists without cause and conditions (determinism). 2) No causes could have been otherwise (dependent origination). There are not two things.

Evidence: Traits enhancing survival and reproduction become more common in successive generations of a population. 1) Variation exists within populations of organisms with respect to morphology, physiology, and behavior (phenotypic variation). 2) Different traits confer different rates of survival and reproduction (differential fitness). 3)These traits can be passed from generation to generation (heritability of fitness). First-person experiences and the mental dispositions of a modular brain are the product of this process (like all aspects of the organism) and should be considered for their lineage.

Witness: The Actualizing Tendency: There is a directional trend evident in all life: the urge to expand, develop, and mature; “it is the tendency to express and activate all the capacities of the organism and the self.” (Rogers)

Witness: Flourishing: A good life is a first-person experience that is resonant with this actualizing tendency, as the expansion, development, and maturity of one’s life; an expression and activation of all capacities. (Not an experience that is dissonant, “out of tune.”) To flourish is to live within an optimal range of human functioning. It is to connote goodness, generativity, growth, and resilience. It is to be without pathology, without languishing.


In transcendent mode, “you are.” Behavior “is”, observation happens. Observe your will and it’s dependent origination.

In operator mode, you act. There are things that can be impacted by your actions, and things that cannot. Know the difference. Operators control what they can, acting according to circumstantial priorities. Operators share space with other operators that do not have the same priorities, and therefore will not choose the same actions. This is out of your control. This is out of their control. Seek to understand priorities.

Be. Self-actualize.


“The Will” is as everything does. As this moment becomes the next, as this state becomes the next, change is a force of Will. It is unified, the first cause and the last cause, together. Will flows and Will creates friction. It moves and creates heat. Flow. Flourish. Stay cool. Survive.

Survive, then die

First priority: survival. How we survive is determined by causes and conditions, momentum and tendencies, extending through time, and converging on our singular first person perspectives. We are each the product of our own circumstances. We survive in our own way.

There is more. I will add.

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