Top 10 Sources for National News

Trump is making news on an hour-by-hour basis right now. I want the data points with minimum of commentary. Here’s how I’m keeping up:

  1. CNN
    The best place for tracking breaking news. In addition to hourly drive-by on, during my daily commute I often swap between NPR on the radio and the TuneIn Radio app on my phone streaming the CNN channel. At This Hour and Inside Politics in the AM, and Cooper, Cuomo, and Lemon in the PM
  2. NPR
    In the car, on the way to work, good medium-form depth. Morning Edition and All Things Considered. I don’t see the bias. Just very informative reporting
  3. Drudge Report
    Drudge has a reputation for his pro-conservative bias that was good for disseminating a specific point of view but lacked perspective on many important issues. Since early 2019, coinciding with negative news cycles for President Trump, Drudge has shown much more balance and a willingness to highlight stories from different angles. The breaking news angle is very relevant at this time.
    Fun to watch the tension between the news and opinion devisions. Biased as hell but authentic.
  5. The Washington Post
    The best reporting.
  6. The Hill
    Solid twitter feed.
  7. Twitter (djk / politics)
    I set up this list to track the realtime posts of various new outlets. are prolific contributors. The lists includes many politicians, left and right.