Top 7 Sources for National News

Since Trump left office news just isn’t as entertaining. Yeah, really disliked Trump a lot, but I like a good train wreck and lately things have just been kinda meh. Here’s how I’m keeping up:

  1. CNN
    The best place for tracking breaking news, I guess. Mostly I don’t feel like their advocating. Maybe they just suck the least.
  2. NPR
    In the car, on the way to work, good medium-form depth, if I remember correctly. It’s been so long since I’ve commuted I’ve actually kinda forgotten if this is even try any more. I don’t see the bias.
  3. Drudge Report
    Yeah, Drudge used to be an asshole. Not sure if it was Trump or what but now it’s actually a pretty good source of news.
    Get out of your bubble.
  5. The Washington Post
    The best reporting. Period. But that’s no fun…
  6. The Hill
    Solid twitter feed.
  7. Twitter (djk / politics)
    I set up this list to track the realtime posts of various new outlets. are prolific contributors. The lists includes many politicians, left and right.