DataBaller LLC

Founded by Darryl Kanouse in 2022, DataBaller is a product development consultancy specializing in consumer engagement and persuasive technology.

The first DataBaller product, ActionHub, provides a robust set of decision-making APIs for driving product growth. The key areas of focus for ActionHub are (1) predictive, high-value action recommendations, (2) cross-channel message orchestration, and (3) scalable, privacy-first data practices. Engage your customers where they are as ActionHun integrates across your entire digital ecosystem for coordinated messaging at every touchpoint. Use a variety of ready-made ActionHub integrations or use our robust APIs to integrate with any system. Connect ActionHub customer action recommendations to content and campaign delivery systems to ensure your customers are getting the right message at the right time, helping them develop a highly-engaged customer journey. Whether it’s broadening engagement with your best customers, winning-back customers lost to attrition, encouraging engagement with new products, or simply bumping revenue – ActionHub can easily be configured to align with your strategy. ActionHub is a powerful system that brings the right call to action for a greater impact in your marketing efforts.

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