Darryl Kanouse Professional Resume

Darryl Kanouse: Accomplished technical leader driving product innovation, engineering excellence, and team leadership. Possess a strong background in data science, cloud architecture, and consumer engagement strategies, demonstrated in high-impact roles at top industry players like Amazon, Canva, and Activision Blizzard. Looking forward to utilizing this expertise and leadership skills to steer technology strategy, cultivate cross-functional collaborations, and drive business growth.



Founder, Product/Engineering
DataBaller LLC 2022-Present

  • Launched the ActionHub APIs to enable real-time campaign selection and multi-channel orchestration at enterprise scale.
  • Launched the ActionHub Shopify App to bring ActionHub capabilities to Shopify merchants.
  • Launched Branded QR Code Fleet Management system.
  • Tech: AWS, ECS, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Kenisis Firehose, Aurora DB, Python, SQL, Node.js, React, Typescript.

Global Head of Marketing Technology Operations
Canva, 2021-2022

  • Set the marketing technology roadmap, strategy, and operations goals for CRM, AdTech, and media production to engage 80MM+ MAU.
  • Led organization responsible for solutions, technical program management, operations, and user data/privacy compliance.
  • Launched LTV-based segmentation solution and partner integration.
  • Tech: AWS, Snowflake, Python, SQL, Braze, Salesforce.

Senior Manager, Technical Product Management
Amazon, 2017-2021

  • Led organization of product, engineering, and analytics teams developing consumer engagement solutions across all Amazon business lines.
  • Launched multi-channel, mid-funnel marketing products to drive cross-category engagement for all Amazon’s retail properties.
  • Enabled new mid-funnel consumer engagement programs resulting in significant incremental revenue and free cash flow.
  • Managed engineering and technical operations of all outbound conversion marketing technology, including ESP and lead acquisition CX.
  • Launched experimentation and automation framework for regional product and service marketing teams, producing -17% reduction in global opt-out rates.
  • Tech: AWS, EC2, DynamoDB, Redshift, Kenisis Firehose, Lambda, Java, Python, SQL, SageMaker, Marketo.

Senior Director, Consumer Technology, Integrated Marketing and Data Services
Activision, 2014-2017

  • Led 60+ person organization in the development of cross-franchise, multichannel customer engagement tech, including content delivery, data warehouse services, and personalization systems.
  • Launched retention technology for video games Call of Duty and Guitar Hero, increasing playtime and incremental DLC sales.
  • Worked across organizational units (studios, title support teams, central technology) to enable real-time data processing, decision making and content targeting for 30MM+ concurrent users.
  • Tech: AWS, Redshift, Cassandra, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Python, SQL.

Principal Solutions Architect, Associate Partner, Technology
SapientRazorfish, 2011-2014

  • Led the design and delivery of over $20MM in marketing technology solutions for 2013, both custom application services and third-party integrations.
  • Delivered acquisition programs for Samsung Mobile, driving Galaxy’s unit sales growth.
  • Key clients include: Samsung Mobile USA, Sony Entertainment, and Activision Publishing

Solutions Architect
Zodeca, LLC, 2003-2012

  • Application design, execution leadership, and deployment management for clients in a wide range of industries.
  • Key projects include high-volume digital royalties pre-processing system for Universal Music Group, Screen Nation Video Portal for American Film Institute’s Screen Education program, and Fantasy Sports service aggregator RotoPass.com.
  • Led organization sales engineering efforts across a wide range of industries.

Lead Technical Architect
Tier 3 Technology, Inc., 2001 – 2003
Marketing technology application design and delivery.

Senior Application Developer
MediaHippo, Inc., 1999 – 2001
Marketing technology application design and delivery.


University of California, Santa Cruz Computational Linguistics


System and method for generating personalized messaging campaigns for video game players
Issued Oct 18, 2018 | us 10099140
A video game player’s profile data and/or behavioral data may be used to create a customized messaging campaign for the player. The messaging campaign may comprise one or more messages, each selected from a variety of message types, that may be delivered to a game player through one or more channels, at predetermined time intervals. Examples of message types may include gameplay tips, techniques, strategy information, news, awards, milestones, promotions relating to microtransactions (e.g., offers, discounts, etc.), overviews of new products, features, etc., or other message types. Any number of predefined messages may exist (e.g., tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.) for each message type.